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Purpose of This Site

Welcome students and parents. This site is a dynamic and changing resource to help you enrich your child's learning and provide helpful links for their learning.


It will be updated as we go through the year with helpful links from your team of educators and from parents in our COA community.


If you have any resources you would like to share, please scroll down and use the submission form below so we can get them on this site for other parents to use. 

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment activities improve a child's education through the use of thought-provoking and challenging hands-on activities that extend upon what they are already learning through their curriculum.

Enrichment provides children the opportunity to be creative, gain a sense of self confidence, improve gross and fine motor skills, increase spatial awareness, provide mental breaks, exercise new ways of critical thinking, and it encourages children to think outside the box.

And best of all...many of these can be fun activities for you and your children to experience together. 

Helpful Links

We will include links to help your child understand a concept or deepen their understanding of what they are learning. These links can be videos that enhance what they are learning in social studies (that the whole family may enjoy), tutorials, fun exercise videos for P.E., or sites that help students when they are stuck.  

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